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We are India's most trusted live Gold price portal. We started this website as an online Gold price and Silver price information service, from there we have grown a lot and we are proud to say that we are the leading and most trusted website for Gold and Silver prices across India.

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The Importance of Gold in the Economy

Understanding the role of gold in the economy is essential for anyone investing in precious metals. Gold has always held a significant place in the global economy, serving as both a symbol of wealth and a valuable financial asset.

Real Estate V/s Gold Investment, What’s The Smart Choice?

Investments can lead to maximum returns when you choose the right opportunity and plan it out carefully. While no single option is best in all situations, the decision largely depends on your financial goals including your preferred timeline - whether you wish to invest for the long term or short term; and how much risk you are willing to bear.

Sterling Silver vs White Gold: What’s the Difference?

Both sterling silver and white gold are classified as “precious metals.” High-value precious metals like these are rare and finite, which gives them economic value. They are also elemental metals that are non-corrosive and useful for industrial applications.